So Capchase surveyed 900 SaaS businesses between $1m and $15m ARR, and their data showed what I’ve seen as well:  it’s tougher out there,and media growth is down. But — the best are growing as fast as they always have:

Of the 900 surveyed, the median was tougher growth — 39% at $10m ARR, which is still fast enough for sure to get to a strong nine-figure exit, but not fast enough to attract venture capital.  And the median at $1m ARR was “just” 60% annual growth.

But the top performers in 2023 are doing just about as well as any other year.  The top performers are still tripling at $1m-$2m and doubling at $10m ARR (Triple, Triple, Double, Double).  And the very best are growing even faster.

This just makes sense.  If you are truly disrupting a large category, you’ll grow quickly.  Good years and bad.

In any event, good data above to be honest about where you stack up.

You can download the full report here:

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