Dear SaaStr: At the Start of 2024, Are VCs More Optimistic about M&A and IPOs?

I think it’s pretty neutral / not much change from 2023.  So far.

IPOs: VCs are predicting more IPOs in 2024 than 2023, for sure. 2023 was the lowest number of SaaS and tech IPOs on recent record. But … multiples are still at multi-year lows. So the prices won’t be great, and while some will just say “it’s time to IPO already”, there may not be a big rush. And it may be tough for all best the best to IPO.

M&A: VCs are worried about anti-trust and the Figma/Adobe deal being blocked in the U.K. especially. But, the bigger issue again is multiples. There is plenty of appetite for M&A today. The issue is prices in general remain low as public multiples remain stuck at 6x ARR average.

Much more here:

And a deep dive on how 2024 may be for IPOs here:

ServiceTitan: The First Great SaaS IPO of 2024 (Potentially) at $500,000,000+ ARR

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