Dear SaaStr: Does Cold Emailing VCs Work? What Are Some Tactics to Help Increase the Odds?

Yes, cold emailing VCs does work, especially with earlier-stage investors — if the email “pitch” is perfect.

It has to be the full package, because you’re lacking the social proof of a warm intro. And there are just so, so, so many start-ups. So many 1000s of them.

Make sure:

  • The metrics are just super solid.
  • The value prop is 100% clear.
  • You’d want to invest simply based on the email, no questions asked, no pitch or demo required.
  • It’s perfectly tailored to the VC, so it looks like you have a very strong reason to want that VC in the deal.

Then, don’t expect a follow-up or response. Don’t go nuts with 70 follow-up emails.

But if the email pitch is perfect, and it’s an early-stage firm, you may get a response.

I’ve invested this way many times, including into a number of unicorns (Talkdesk, Salesloft, Algolia, Pipedrive).

But — and this is key — no VC has time to “meet for coffee” or “talk about your idea“. The email pitch has to stand alone, and just be perfect.

Much more, with 2 great examples here:

2 Cold Emails I Funded For Millions


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