It’s hard to believe but we’re exactly 36 days away from SaaStr Europa. Use this opportunity to learn from investors how to scale up your company. From small group meetups to one-on-one meetings and even larger scale sessions, there will be lots of different ways to engage with VCs in Paris.

Check out some of our VC day sessions! ๐Ÿค๐Ÿป

  • “Using Product Led Growth as an Indicator for Investment” with OpenView Venture Partner Ashley Smith
  • “How to Lie (to Yourself) with SaaS Statistics” with Threshold Ventures Partner Josh Stein
  • “Early days: Why It Took Two Years to Fund This Company” with Shasta Ventures Managing Director
  • How to Get Funded When You’re Not an Obvious Candidate” Impact X Capital Partners Founding Member and Principal Yvonne Bajela and Backstage Capital Director Andy Davis
  • “Building High-Performance Teams and Hiring Gamechangers” Notion Capital Partner Jos White and Notion Capital Head of Talent Maddy Cross

Our VC day sessions will feature partners’ passion topics. From fundraising to equity incentives and scaling companies, hear from U.S. and European based VC firms on what is top of mind for them at the moment. Sessions aside, there will be many VCs in attendance. Here are just a few of the firms represented at SaaStr Europa this year: Hummingbird, Partech, Threshold, Felix Capital, Cisco Investments, Holland Capital, Frontline Ventures, Forestay Capital, Blossom Capital, Indigo Partners, Dawn Capital, Tola Capital, Sapphire Ventures, Notion Capital and more.

Meet a VC ๐Ÿ‘‹

Come for the content, stay for the connections. If you’re a founder or CEO looking for your next round (or your first), maybe some advice, then apply to our Meet a VC program. When you purchase your ticket there will be an option to opt in for the program. With some of the brightest minds in SaaS and VC all in one place, foster a new connection, you never know where it could go.

Check out some of our sessions from last year… ๐Ÿ‘€

Haven’t bought your ticket to Europa (yet)? Don’t worry. THIS is a one-click hyper warp!

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