On the surface, the best tool likely varies based on the size of your company:

  • Pipedrive is #1 for very small businesses
  • HubSpot has broken out and is strong in SMBs, especially those using HubSpot for marketing automation as well
  • Salesforce dominates the enterprise
  • I see more and more start-ups using Notion as a basic CRM, too.
  • And then are other vertically-specialized and niche vendors that do great things as well.

But … the truth is none of this matters.

What matters is using the CRM your VP of Sales is used to, and wants to use.

If you don’t, you’re imposing a huge tax on the organization.  When I’ve seen founders force a VP of Sales to use a CRM they don’t want to use, or haven’t used before — I’ve never seen it end well.  A CRM is already a system that is partially a tax on time, and partially a benefit.  But it becomes mainly a tax when it’s a tool the VP of Sales doesn’t know or want to use.

Let your VP of Sales choose.  Trust me.  It’s their tool.

The same goes with your VPM and your core marketing automation solution.

And yes, in the end, most fast-growing startups that grow end up on Salesforce.   But they don’t have to start there, especially if it’s too much software when you are small.  But again, once you hire them — let your VP of Sales decide.

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