Dear SaaStr: How do I make my sales team more effective?

The best way to drive sales team performance is to have 1–2 folks on the team just making lots of money from closing lots of deals.

An oldie but a goodie here: Your #1 Sales Rep Should Be Driving an M6 Convertible By Month 12. (And Not Buying a Panerai Watch.) | SaaStr

  • Yes, sales reps can be a bit lazy.
  • Yes, they can blame marketing or competition or whatever for not closing.
  • Yes, they can talk a lot about “pipeline” without closing anything.

But … at the end of the day, sales is hard. Sales is a lot of Nos. You have to believe. You have to believe it can be done. And it’s easy to get discouraged.

And when you see a couple of folks ringing the bell every day, making tons of money, and having a good time doing it … that drives the rest of the team.

And over time, it also attracts more top reps to your team.

So rather than figure out how to make the struggling reps better, slow it down.  Figure out how to make 1 or 2 sales reps that are already smart, and closing … be wildly successful.  They blaze that path after that for you, to a significant extent.

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