And huge kudos to Elon Musk. He is a master of PR (in his own way).

While Tesla has done something everyone said couldn’t be done — bring a long-range electric vehicle to market at an affordable (for the luxury segment) price point — as a business, Tesla isn’t yet that impressive.

It has raised billions and billions of dollars, and nearly went bankrupt several times on the way. After all that, it only shipped 14,820 cars in Q1:

The technology … for ‘11–’12 technology … was impressive.

But the competitors are all catching up here now, and everyone will have a 200+ range EV in a few years (which they wouldn’t have, without Tesla — no doubt). And everyone has access to Mobileye technology and will ship their own versions of autopilot.

And the financials aren’t impressive yet. The business isn’t yet impressive, as a business. The capital needs are enormous, and the revenues and profits aren’t there to support it. Yet.

But the CEO, and the vision, and the commitment to excellence … are worthy of the hype and attention.

He is the greatest, most visionary CEO of our age.

Without him, without that … I suspect the company would either be bankrupt or long a part of Google, er, Alphabet.

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