This was something I worried about at EchoSign.

I visited a Fortune 50 company that previously had a half dozen or more clerks and paralegals storing and managing the 100,000s of thousands of contracts signed and stored each year. They had switched 99%+ of these processes to EchoSign.

The customer took us to the huge floor where these signed contracts were previously stored. The entire floor was now 100% empty and disused, with just a few sad file folders sitting askew here and there.

Our product eliminated all those related jobs and positions.

That was just one visceral example I saw in person.

But over time, as I met more customers, I learned that the headcount was rarely if ever reduced. Instead, it was either repurposed, or changed. Net headcount rarely went down.

This is tough stuff. It’s part of change. And your product will drive that change.

But in the end, if you create more, higher paying jobs to replace the ones you displace … there’s a large positive side as well.

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