Ok we’re gonna try to get on a roll here with Get In Early.

As a reminder, Get In Early will profile hot up-and-coming SaaS start-ups you’ve almost heard of.   That in 12 months you’ll definitely heard of.

The criteria are:

  • $1m < ARR < $10m
  • Growing >=10% Month-over-Month; and
  • a CEO we’d work for.

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 10.39.31 AMUp for #004 is Iron.io

I’ve known Iron.io for a while.  I got to know the CEO of Iron.io, Chad Arimura and the VP of Sales through the RainforestQA team and Heavybit.  I really like the team.  They started off, in part, shipping a SaaS MQ solution (one of my biggest back-end headaches as a founder, and something I consider a mitzvah), and their developer platform has expanded to schedule, queue and batch micro-containers on any cloud (public, private, hybrid or on-premises).

They just raised an $8m Series A and have 40+ employees in North America and Europe.  It’s a lean team that has, like most of us, gone more “enterprise” over time, including up-sell and cross-sell.  They don’t have a large revenue team … yet.   But with the new capital and strong growth the trailing months … it’s time to scale 🙂

  • Size: Passed “initial traction” ARR milestone in early 2015, accelerating ever since.  Mid-seven figures ARR by CYE.
  • Growth: Achieved 3X growth last year on relatively modest capital. Q3’15 will represent an all-time record quarter for new sales bookings, surpassing the previous record by >2X.
  • What Iron.io does: Iron.io’s event-drive microservices platform enables developers to schedule, queue and batch micro-containers on any cloud (public, private, hybrid or on-premises).
  • Money: Just raised $8m, led by Steve Anderson of Baseline Ventures.  
  • Deal Size: $18k+ ACV and up (gone and going upmarket). Deal-size has grown by 3X in the last year while speed of sales-cycle has improved by 8X.
  • Retention: 12 month average customer revenue-retention of 160%, inclusive of churn.  Achieved net-negative churn for 5 straight quarters.  
  • Logos: Turner, Bleacher Report, HotelTonight, Google, Twitter
  • Location: Primarily San Francisco, with team members in seven countries
  • Inbound / Outbound: Both. Iron.io SDRs and AEs engaging with Enterprise, mid-tier and hyper-growth companies. Smaller organizations are buying through an efficient self-service model.
  • Ideal Buyer Profile: VP/Dir of Infrastructure or Engineering; CIO/CTO of a division; Head of Cloud Applications; Lead Architect
  • Hiring: Account Executives, Sales Development Reps, Sales Engineers, Solution Architects, Technical Evangelist, as well as Head of Customer Support and Success

More on Iron.io jobs in general here.

With that, the next step is to hear directly from CEO Chad Arimura and VP Sales Morgan Mackles who give their pitch for why you will want to “Get In Early” with Iron.io:

Iron.io jobs here.

And check out our past GIEs:

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