So we’ve done a number of great “Get In Earlys” now where you get a chance to get to know a hot SaaS start-up right before it breaks out, or at least, right before everyone’s heard of them.

The first Get in Earlies with RainforestQA, Entelo, BetterWorks, and were pretty successful.  The uber-learning is that the posts do a few things.  First, they generate direct job applications.  Not 1000s — but some good ones.  They also provide a great resource for potential applicants, even for un-posted positions, and even if they don’t click through from the posting to directly apply.  Finally, they also seem to serve as a helpful validator for folks interested in these companies, but … not quite sure.

So with Get In Early #005 we’re going to experiment a little more and do the first start-up outside of the SF Bay Area — Bluecore in New York City.  It’s also a bit of an experiment as, at least by a smidge, Bluecore will be the largest in ARR.  They’re about to cross $10m ARR (our cut-off … by then, man, you’ve heard of it 🙂 but aren’t quite there so we’re getting this one up fast!

It’s a fun team and they’re long time readers of, and members of, the SaaStr community.  So that rocks right there 🙂  More below!

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 12.03.38 PM


Company:  Bluecore (in New York City)

Size: High-seven figures ARR

Growth: 12% month-over-month in 2015.

What it does: Marketing automation for eCommerce. Bluecore marketing automation software easily ingests and analyzes terabytes of behavioral customer data and product catalog changes without product feeds, enabling marketers to segment audiences and automate marketing communications in seconds.

Money: $7.2M (combined Series A round & seed)

Deal Size: $50K avg

Logos: Staples, Cabelas, Nike, NewEgg, Express, BCBG

Location: New York City

Out / In-bound: 60% inbound, 40% outbound

Profile Buyers: Marketing Manager, Director of eCommerce, VP of Marketing, CMO

Hiring in Sales: Market Development Reps, AEs, Sales Engineer

Hiring in Engineering: Forward Deployed Engineer, Software Engineer, VP of Engineering

Hiring in Customer Success: Customer Success Managers

Hiring in Product: Product Designer

Hiring in Marketing: Product Marketing Manager, Performance Marketing Manager, Sr. Content Marketing Manager

More open jobs here.

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