We ran an experiment recently to see if a “Get in Early” series on SaaStr would perform with RainforestQA.  Turns out it performed really well, driving amazing candidates and solutions to them, so we’re gonna turn this into a semi-permanent thing.

Next up .. Entelo …

But first, a reminder of what Get in Early is:


Every week or so, we’ll give you the inside scoop on one SaaS hot start-up you’ve almost heard of, but maybe not quite yet, not totally.  To “Get In Early” once they have product-market fit — but before your employee number is in the triple digits. We’ll tell you where they are stage-wise and progress-wise, how they sell today, what hires they are looking for in sales and customer success and marketing … and we’ll add a video pitch from the team.  Plus:

  • Each Get In Early will have a founder / CEO I personally know, at least for now — and would work for and trust.
  • Each Get In Early company must be between $1m and $10m ARR and growing faster than 10% month-over-month.  So with a shot of going from $1m to $10m ARR in 5-6 quarters or less.  Hypergrowth or pre-hypergrowth potential.  And we’ll verify that.


Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 8.14.53 AMOk on to Entelo.   I first met Jon Bischke, the CEO and co-founder, about 2 years ago when the company was just starting to close real revenue.  Jon was an early part of the SaaStr community and beyond his infectious enthusiasm for SaaS and the start-up journey, it was clear to me before I really knew was Entelo did that he’d be a success.

A few months back, I found his journey from B2C to SaaS/B2B founder pretty interesting, so we did a Second Timers on that here.

Now, Entelo is more than half way to $10m ARR, with > 10% Month-over-Month growth with a great CEO in a relatively hot space — HR 2.0.  In particular, Entelo helps you use social and other media to source, engage and retain talent.  You can hear more of the pitch below in the video.  I’d work for Jon.  He’s a winner, and I’m pretty sure the company is, too.   What I do know is he and they won’t lose.

Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 1.18.14 PM

  • Size: Mid-seven figures ARR.
  • Growth: 11% month-over-month going back to Q4 of 2014. Achieved on modest capital (company has been cash-flow positive for most of the last four months).
  • What it does: Predictive recruiting. Predicts which candidates have highest probability of leaving their jobs and provides data to help companies connect with including outbound email tracking and analytics (think “ToutApp/Yesware for recruiting”)
  • Money: $6.5m led by Battery Ventures
  • Deal Size: $18k+ ACV and up now (gone and going upmarket).
  •  Logos: Allstate, American Express, Box, Cisco, Facebook, Microsoft, Pinterest, Salesforce, Tesla, Uber, UPS, Zenefits
  • Location: SF
  • Out / In-bound: 50% outbound, 50% inbound (rapidly scaling SDR team + inbound team led by early Hubspot employee)
  • Profile Buyer: VP or Director of Talent/Recruiting/Staffing and CHRO or VP of HR
  • Hiring for in Sales: Sales Manager, Enterprise and Mid-market AEs
  • Hiring for in Marketing: SDR Manager / Head of Sales Development, Sr. Sales Operations Manager
  • Hiring for in Customer Success: Enterprise Customer Success Manager (Customer Success Executive)
  • Special Notes: Prior experience in HR/Talent or SaaS is preferred.



Past Editions:  Get in Early #001 – RainforestQA, click here.

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