Ok it’s time to run an experiment here on SaaStr.  We tried last year to build SaaStrJobs, but the 0.1 wasn’t really good enough.  We’re still thinking about how to do that right, but for now, let’s try each week or two spotlighting One Great Up-and-Coming SaaS Company, and what jobs they are looking for.

Every week or so, we’ll give you the inside scoop on one SaaS hot start-up you’ve almost heard of, but maybe not quite yet, not totally.  To “Get In Early” once they have product-market fit — but before your employee number is in the triple digits. We’ll tell you where they are stage-wise and progress-wise, how they sell today, what hires they are looking for in sales and customer success and marketing … and we’ll add a video pitch from the team.  Plus:

  • Each Get In Early will have a founder / CEO I personally know, at least for now — and would work for and trust.
  • Each Get In Early company must be between $1m and $10m ARR and growing faster than 10% month-over-month.  So with a shot of going from $1m to $10m ARR in 5-6 quarters or less.  Hypergrowth or pre-hypergrowth potential.  And we’ll verify that.

Let’s see if this is helpful, but let me start with RainforestQA that we profiled a little earlier here.

How does RainforestQA stack up?

  • Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 4.06.46 PMSize:  Crossed into low-seven figures ARR.
  • Growth: 20% MoM for past 4 months, on track for this month as well.
  • What It Does:  Uber-for-QA.  “Human testing at the speed of automation.”  Functional testing for your website or mobile product auto-deployed in one click, in infinite capacity, at any time.  YCombinator S’12.
  • Money:  Just Raised $4m.
  • Deal size:  $30k+ ACV and up now (gone and going upmarket).
  • Logos: Zenefits, Plangrid, Betterworks, Tilt, Popsugar, etc.
  • Location: SF.
  • Out / in-bound:  to date, all in-bound.  Scaling up SDRs and outbound.
  • Profile buyer:  VP or Director of Engineering or Product, and soon, CIOs.
  • Hiring for in Sales, Sales Engineering & Ops:  Senior and Junior AEs, SDRs, Sales Eng.  Director, Sales Ops.
  • Hiring for in Customer Success: Managers with at least 1-2 years experience, and a Dir/VP as well.
  • Special Notes:  You should be comfortable selling to a reasonably technical buyer. You don’t need to be an engineer (of course).

Ok with that here’s the pitch from the head of sales (and behind the camera, the CEO and co-founder).

>> Learn More / Apply here. << and watch below.  I think this first video is excellent.  You’ll also learn a lot about start-ups at this stage no matter what by watching.  How CEOs and sales leads think about this stage, what they’re looking for, how they see product-market fit, etc.

If this works, we’ll make Get In Early a series.

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 4.10.47 PM

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