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We know SaaStr is at it’s best when you get that perfect bit of insight at just the right time. There’s also a TON of great, evergreen content, but it’s not super easy to find.  So what if SaaStr offered an instant crash course on your most top-of-mind topics? “What?” you say, “Really?!?!”  Yup, really.

The end-goal of SaaStr is to bring together the largest community of SaaS founders and execs both online and off.  We’re going to be your one-stop shop for everything you ever want to know about growing your SaaS business.  Our first step is to organize the existing content in a way that makes it more accessible and educational – that’s SaaStr Academy.  (This is definitely just the tip of the iceberg. Keep an eye out for
SaaStr Pro later this year.)

2016-04-07_09-33-27We’ve organized every SaaStr post into four stages – Early, Growth, Scale and Exit – and 9 topics like Sales, Fundraising, Hiring, etc.  In one or two clicks, you quickly filter down to the exact content you want.  Early stage founder looking for advice on hiring your VPx?  We’ve got ya covered.  Seeking zen reflections on The Journey or some roll-up-your-sleeves case studies?  Two clicks and you’re on your way!

So, are you ready to get your PhD in SaaS? Grab a snack and take a quick potty break, you’re about to binge read Netflix-style. SaaStr Academy awaits!  (Feedback? Share it here or use the form a the bottom of this post.)


New Homepage, New Content

We’ve spiffed up the homepage to highlight the most recent content from the last 90 days and made it a lot easier to get to oldies-but-goodies.  We’ve also launched a fantastic new Official SaaStr Podcast series with Harry Stebbings of the The Twenty Minute VC that’s already topping the iTunes charts.  And don’t forget to grab a copy of the the new book From Impossible to Inevitable with Aaron Ross.  It’s a must-read.


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