saastr-contest-banner-10bWe know there are SaaStr fans in all corners of the world, but we’re just amazed that a whopping 32% of 2016 attendees are coming from outside the US (from 24 countries!). Wow.

We also know that coming to the SaaStr Annual is an investment (the best one you’ll make this year). Sure, the hard dollar costs are certainly part of it, but the time out of the office and opportunity costs of whatever-feels-more-important (but it’s not) are a big consideration as well.  And for a founder coming from, say, Australia, multiply all of that by about 10x.  It’s a big freakin’ commitment.

But fret not, global friends, because today we’re officially kicking off our “Show Us Your SaaS” international video contest. Three lucky teams will receive full conference passes, and the Grand Prize winner will also receive up to $5K for travel – plus VIP access, a ton of other swag, and other fun stuff.  

So here’s how it works…  

Grab your team and create a 90 second video telling us why you want to attend the SaaStr Annual 2016 and upload here.  Then start promoting the hell out of it.  We’ll take the 3 with the highest number of votes and pick a Grand Prize winner who will get 4 full conference passes + up to $5K in travel costs + VIP access (reserved seating, anyone?). The two Runners Up will each get 2 full conference passes + VIP access. (We’re also trying to get more sponsor dollars to offset travel costs, but can’t make any promises just yet. And if you want to be that sponsor, let us know.)

prizesv2Spend as much or as little time on the video as you like, but make it fun.  The community is definitely going to upvote you more on style than quality. Show us your office, team, city, best swag – whatever you want to share with the community.  Tell us why you love SaaStr. Tell us why your city/country should be represented.  Remember, this is about your team, not your product, so save the pitches for Demo Day.  

Also, DO IT NOW. Today. The longer your video is up, the more votes you can get and the more likely you are to garner the goods.

Deadline for submissions is 11:59p PST September 21, 2015.  Voting continues through 11:59p PST September 28, 2015. We’ll pick a Grand Prize winner from the Top 3 and announce all the winners on September 30, 2015.

Only teams located outside the U.S. are eligible (sorry Americans, next time).

Caveat emptor: We’ve never tried this before, and from what we’ve been told, it can get really complicated. So bear with us if there are some hiccups, and we’ll do our best to make it all work.  Very Official Rules here.


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