founders guide to saas
If you’ve been wondering …
How do I choose who should be the CEO when I have a co-founder?
What are some rookie mistakes founders make during VC meetings?
How does a CEO/founder/owner pick his salary?
What are a SaaS startup’s first 100 hires?
Where do most startups fail?

All your questions as a SaaS founder are finally answered.

In our NEW Ultimate Guide For Scaling, Sales and Raising Capital: 100 SaaS Questions Answered, we compile the most helpful, tactical advice to help you scale your startup. It covers everything from the right interview questions to ask during hiring, to how close your best customers, to tips for pitching VCs when raising capital, and everything in-between.

Written by x4 founder and CEO of SaaStr, Jason Lemkin, the Ultimate Guide features his most popular advice, compiled after years of answering SaaS questions with honesty and transparency on Quora. (He was, after all, named a top writer on Quora and his content has been consumed by literally millions of SaaS founders and leaders from around the globe. 👈)

A Must-Read MasterClass for Everyone in SaaS

Featuring 100 Questions with actionable solutions for real-life startup problems, the Ultimate Guide features advice for Being a Successful Founder, Scaling, Raising Capital, Sales, Hiring and Operations.

This book is page after page of life-changing SaaS advice. Here are a few of our favorite pieces of advice and inspiration.

A+ advice for all the founders out there :

On finding your tribe:

saas scaling

And maybe the best SaaS advice, ever 🦄


100 SaaS Questions, Answered. Download the Ultimate Guide for Scaling, SaaS and Raising Capital

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