Have YC batches become too big? How can startups expect to get the same value and surface area vs. the old days?

Probably not.

The Cloud has grown 100x since YC started. There are 100 Cloud Unicorns alone, vs. 1–2 when YC started.

The size of the batches seems roughly proportionate to the growth in Cloud and SaaS and e-commerce.

My understanding is the batches are now divided into groups of 20 (could be wrong), and there’s more interaction within the 20 and less with the others. Which makes sense.

YC seems to have scaled proportionally with the Cloud, the growth in Unicorns, and the dollars out there to buy SaaS products (among other segments):

So with that lens, the batch size sounds about right to me.

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Published on March 15, 2019

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