Well it’s not easy, but nothing is here.

Here’s my advice.  It’s “bad” advice from a rational, financial perspective … but it might actually work:

  • First, spend the next 18 months trying to get into the One Most Amazing Deal You Possibly Can.  Be patient but really, really work it.  Don’t settle.  You have to really believe this is one of the best raw, new start-ups on the planet Earth.
  • Completely ingratiate yourself with the founders, so they know you will really add value, or already have.
  • Then — tell them you only have $5k to invest, not the customary $25k minimum.

They wouldn’t normally agree, the founders to take such a small investment … but here, might give you a pass.  A small favor back.

Now — if this is the next Uber, the next Slack, the next Stripe, the next Zenefits, the next Twitter or WhatsApp … and you get a 100-1000x return … it might be enough.

Enough to put you into business.  As the one that saw it first.

So it’s a terrible way to diversify your portfolio.  But so what.  So is being a founder.  Find just that one great one — and go all in.

Prove yourself.  Then see where it takes you.

If you’re the kid that found the next great Decacorn — I’ll probably stake you myself next time.

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