In all seriousness:  the answer, if you have to ask — is No.  Don’t leave the security of your job, put your family’s security at risk, just to do a start-up.  Don’t.

The higher your personal burn rate, the harder it is to do a raw start-up.  It’s just a fact.

Now, for the very best, and the craziest (not always the same) founders … they still find a way.  They beg, borrow, and hopefully don’t steal.  They live off savings, even if they shouldn’t. They rob the 401k (do not do this).  They max out the credit cards (oh no).  Etc. etc.

What I have found is this.  If you are agonizing too much over this question — I have a family, a full-time job, I can’t afford to do a start-up — then don’t do it.  The odds are 99% you’ll fail.  It doesn’t sound like you can afford the risk.

The only reason to do a start-up is where you see a real opportunity others don’t.  And with that comes the crazy view that it’s not that risky.  That it’s worth it.  If you aren’t feeling that vibe, if you aren’t finding the crazy way to get it done anyway — Don’t Do It.

My advice at least.

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