Q: How do I make the most of SaaStr Annual as a foreigner?

50%+ will be from outside the Bay Area (2,500+), and a large % from all over the globe … and we’re pretty cognizant of that.

More to come, but things we doing:

  • making sure there are tons of places and spaces to interact and meet other founders;
  • thoughtful (fun, but thoughtful) events in the evenings and otherwise;
  • opportunities to meet potential VPs and others to hire (working on this);
  • as well as to meet the best SaaS VCs; and
  • we’ll have a bunch of things tailored around how to scale revenue teams for folks who aren’t right now based in Bay Area.

We’re also continuing to think more about this.

The uber-idea is you don’t have to go to all the sessions, but it should be an amazing time to also meet partners, other founders, customers, prospects, etc. that are in Bay Area.

It’s the center of SaaS and we want you to get the benefits of that, at least a slice.


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