It’s amazing to me that across many industries, 20% of revenues or profit (yes, very different, but depending on the industry) ends up being the natural cadence. In industries where Gross Margins are high (e.g., software), the % is generally on revenue. When Gross Margins are low (e.g., cars), the % is generally on profit.

But in any event, 20% of the net monies coming in generally goes to sales. In software, it’s often split 50/50 between base and bonus.

These all get tweaked, and if you are well funded and want to grow fast, you may push this up to 30% or more. If you are super lean, you may push it down.

But in the end, 20% of revenues or profits, often split 50/50 in salary and commissions, seems to end up working out to a “working wage” for sales professionals, and not be such a high % of revenues that it kills the model.

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