How much vacation is normal for an early-stage startup CEO?

I can tell you I never skimped on my own vacations as CEO — except in the first year of my second start-up, when for a while I was sort of my own.

In fact, I probably took more true vacations as CEO that I do as an ex-CEO because I needed them more, and I insisted everyone on the team take them.

But … they key is (1) having a strong management team, (2) having a right hand person as part of that team, and (3) that you won’t really 100% deconnect.

Take ’em once you have a few good VPs at least. They’ll know how to execute. They might even be OK with you not being around the office that week.

And you’ll get time to think about the business more strategically than you can with 50 distractions a day.

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Published on May 8, 2016

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