Is Chris Sacca really worth $1.2 billion?'


Probably, but you are misreading the article. It’s confusing. VC is very confusing.

The article is taking a guess at how much money Lowercase I the fund made, not Sacca himself:

“ Or, in real dollars, nearly $1.3 billion on just under $6 million in call-downs (including approximately $23 million in cash and stock distributions for exited companies).”

The fund probably is up much more than $1.3 billion on $6m at this point, given Uber’s appreciation alone. Lowercase I is the best micro fund of all time.

However, it is highly unlikely he gets to keep it all. A typical structure would be a 20% “carry” or share of the profits to the partners, i.e., Chris would get to keep 20% of $1.3 billion, or $260 million.

Just selling his Twitter stock at the right time, alone, however could have dramatically increased the returns.

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Published on April 27, 2017

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