Part of the answer(s) depends on how long you’ve done either.

Venture Capital is an incredibly specialized skill set.  If you’ve been an associate, analyst or principal for a few years … those skills can (sort of, kind of) translate into biz dev, partnerships, strategy, etc.  That’s an easy transition.

But … as time goes on … and all you have ever been is a VC for 10, 12 years … those skills don’t really add much operational value at all.  Unless it’s into a corporate venture fund or maybe corp dev.

A lengthy operating history, e.g. CEO, founder, etc. also only helps being a VC up to a point.  And the higher up the org chart in the better of a company, the better for sure.  And the further you took a successful startup as a founder-turned-VC, the better for sure.  But at some point enough is enough to be able to evaluate other start-ups … and to get them to pick you.

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