The envelope please… And the winners for the SaaSiest startups in the US are…

Boomr – San Francisco, CA

Mapistry – Oakland, CA

Cartbart – Tempe, AZ

ReviewTrackers – Chicago, IL

Demio – Tampa, FL

Brandlive – Portland, OR

Beacon Safety – Carmichael CA

International Highlights

Startups from all over the US created videos telling the SaaStr community why they should win free tickets to the SaaStr Annual.  We’d originally planned to award prizes to the top vote getters in 5 US regions, but since the East Coast didn’t show up [ahem], we’ve reallocated their prizes to the West Coasters who did.

We’re awarding at least one free ticket to every US team that took the time to make a unique and original video.

Here’s how it shakes out:



The Boomr team will receive 4 tickets, VIP reception invites, and a guaranteed 30 minute 1:1 meeting with the top SaaS investor of their choosing (more on how you can apply for your own 1:1 with a VC here.)

We promise we won’t pull a Steve Harvey on you, Boomr! The 1:1 is really all yours, and we’re super excited for your team!


Brandlive, Demio, Cartbart & ReviewTrackers

Brandlive, Demio, Cartbart, & ReviewTrackers had awesome entries and will each receive 2 tickets to SaaStr Annual 2016 & VIP Seating! 


Mapistry & Beacon Safety

Mapistry and Beacon Safety will each receive 1 ticket to SaaStr Annual 2016 & VIP Seating.

The “Show Us Your SaaS” US video competition was a lot of fun. If you haven’t enjoyed the videos yet, I highly encourage you to take a peek (and check out the International Entries too – Flex-Appeal, Brand24, LittleLives and HROnboard are some of my personal favs, but I love them all). 

We’re now just over 2 weeks away from the 2016 SaaStr Annual, and things are getting REALLY exciting around here! In addition to adding 100 more speakers and another stage, we’ve also >>>>>just announced that 150 startups in attendance will be granted a 30 minute 1:1 meeting with a top SaaS VC!<<<<< You can learn more and find out how to apply here – but you have to be on the attendee list to be considered, so make sure to grab your ticket NOW, before general admission is sold out!
Reserve your ticket to SaaStr Annual and come meet these startups, the international winners, and all 5,000 of your newest SaaS BFFs in February! Use code JAN40 for 40% off regular priced tickets.  Founder passes ALMOST SOLD OUT.


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