[movie trailer voice] 17 startups from 12 countries on 5 continents vied for a free trip to SaaStr Annual 2016. We asked them to show us their SaaS – and. they. did. Thousands of votes were cast, but it all comes down to this moment… [cue music] DUN-DUN-DUUUUUNNN


In all seriousness, the “Show Us Your SaaS” international video competition was just incredibly fun. If you haven’t enjoyed any of the videos yet, I highly encourage you to take a peek (Flex-Appeal, Brand24, LittleLives and HROnboard are some of my personal favs, but I love them all). Whoever says SaaS is boring is just… well, who cares about them anyway.

Many of the teams got… shall we say… creative in their vote garnering strategies. Very, very creative. However, startups are all about hustle and ingenuity, so, at least on some level, we can’t slight them for their chutzpah. So after a slight recalibration of the votes (ahem), we are ready to announce the winners.

We’d originally planned to award prizes to the teams who received the most votes – a grand prize plus two runners up – BUT there were SO MANY fantastic entries, we just can’t limit the love to only three. We’re awarding at least one free ticket to every team that took the time to make a unique and original video.

Without further ado… (drumroll please…)




Brand24 will receive 4 tickets to SaaStr Annual 2016 + $5K in travel expenses, VIP red carpet treatment at the event and, most importantly, bragging rights.


Docto & Triptease

Docto and Triptease will each receive 2 tickets to SaaStr Annual 2016, VIP love, swag and cause for some serious hometown swagger.


Each of these teams will receive at least one free VIP ticket to SaaStr Annual, a sweet discount code for their cofounder(s), and some other goodies I’ve got in store for them.


Flex-Appeal – Netherlands


SalesUp! – Mexico


Saasmetrics – Brazil


Eventfuel – Portugal


LittleLives – Singapore


Docmosis – Australia


HROnboard – Australia


ForceManager – Spain

So grab your ticket to SaaStr Annual and come meet these international startups in February! We’ll also be doing some featurettes with them here on the blog.  I mean, really, how do you build a startup in an isolated location like Perth? (I’m thinking it kinda makes those of us whining about not being able to hire fast enough in the Bay Area look like weenies <- especially if you have to look up Perth on a map.) We’ll get the best dirt on the challenges of scaling a business in Singapore, or Poland, or Brazil, or… you get the idea.

This was our first foray into this type of contest, and while we had a few learnings, overall we think it turned out pretty freakin’ great.  >>>So what do you say, US startups, are you ready to throw down?<<<  The bar has been set extremely high, so I suggest you eat your Wheaties and bring your A game. Details coming soon (are you subscribed to the newsletter?)


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