There’s no rational economic reason. She is as wealthy as any human being could ever reasonably dream to be, and has already held plenty of very prestigious CEO roles.

But what if you want a chance not just to have been CEO of a few pretty big companies … that are sort of from the past … but you want your shot at the next Amazon, to do something as Big or Bigger Than Bezos.

It’s rare to get a shot like that.

Uber is worth $70 billion on paper. If you can run that, there’s at least a shot to building it to one of the 5 Iconic Tech Companies for 2020+ And Beyond.

HP and eBay each are strong properties. At their peaks, they were in the elite of tech. But neither is one of 2017–2020+’s 5 Iconic Tech Companies. They are very successful, but they are the past.

And today, everything is so much bigger. We have multiple internet/tech companies with $500b+ valuations, or close to it.

If you want a shot at running a Trillion Dollar Company … there aren’t too many slots out there.

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