Your flights are booked, your hotel rooms locked in, what’s left before your trip to SaaStr Europa? We’ve added even more speakers to our agenda. Before we open session sign-ups this month, here is an armchair guide to plotting which sessions you’ll want to add to your schedule. We’ve opened up session registrations so you can already reserve your seat online for any of these sessions. Get ready, get set…plan!

Laying the foundation…

These sessions are going to give you unique insight from founders and VCs on the important steps to take to lay a strong foundation for your company. What are the biggest mistakes made and lessons learned along the way? What should your first management team look like? When should you buy something versus build it? Egnyte General Manager of EMEA Charles Lawson and Egynte SDR Lara Badanes break down how to build a pipeline with no brand and sometimes no market. When I first spoke to Charles about speaking at Europa he recalled a sales rep closing a deal with Redbull. His next call? Monster Beverage. Hear why he thinks that the next call should not have been to a competitor.

  •  “Hiring, Firing and Stretching: How to Build Your First Management Teams” ScaleX Founder and Managing Partner Dilek Dayinlarli and Insider Co-Founder and CEO Hande Cilingir and Atlassian Head of OpsGenie Berkay Mollamustafaoglu
  • “How to Build A Pipeline with No Brand and Sometimes No Market” Egnyte General Manager of EMEA Charles Lawson and Egynte Sales Development Manager Lara Badanes
  • “Founder’s Guide to Scaling Applications: When to Build, When to Buy and What Breaks” Algolia Co-founder and CTO Julien Lemoine

Growing your company…

Growing a start-up is no easy feat. These sessions will help you scale your company regardless of where you’re based. Learn the common mistakes founders make as they grow their company. Alongside his co-founders, Mikkel Hippe Brun, and Gert Sylvest, Tradeshift Co-Founder and CEO Christian Lanng built EasyTrade (before it would go on to become Tradeshift), the world’s first open-source trade platform. In their own words – they blew a few minds and broke some rules along the way. Hear from him about the rule he isn’t willing to break.

  •  “Scaling Outside Silicon Valley: Going from $0 to $60M ARR in 4 Years – Tales From the Trenches” Eric Rea, Podium CEO
  • “The Rules You Can Break, The Ones You Can’t” Tradeshift Co-Founder and CEO Christian Lanng and Notion General Partner Jos White
  • “Land, Expand, Explode: How to Win the Long-Game in SaaS” Egnyte Chief Customer Officer and Co-Founder Rajesh Ram

Point Nine Capital’s Christoph Janz and SaaStr’s Jason Lemkin at SaaStr Europa 2018

Hypergrowth mode…

Ready to hit the gas? Hear the advice straight from founders that have hit hypergrowth mode in these sessions. Hear from the CEO and founders of Messagebird, Typeform, Collibra and more on how they have navigated their companies not just through growth but hypergrowth.

  • “Early Gains, Early Pains: 5 Lessons for Surviving Hypergrowth” Stride.VC Founder Harry Stebbings and MessageBird Founder and CEO Robert Vis
  • “From Slooooow Growth to Hypergrowth” Insight Partners Teddie Wardi Managing Director and Collibra Co-Founder Felix van de Maele
  • “Freemium at Scale” Typeform CEO Joaquim Lecha and Point Nine Managing Partner Christoph Janz
  • “10 Things That Aren’t Obvious About Partnering with Big Companies” Leighanne Levensaler, Workday Ventures Managing Director & Co-Head

SaaStr Europa 2018 attendees taking photos of a session.


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