Most tech companies are only interested in 20 somethings to employ. What now for 40 somethings?


A simple hack:  find start-ups founded by folks over 35.

The $1 billion company that prefers 40 year old coders who only work 45 hours a week (Now that’s a unicorn)

You may need to go more B2B / enterprise here.  These founders are generally more experienced, not always, but on average.  And generally don’t care here, or in some cases, really prefer to hang out with more experienced folks.

Salesforce was founded by a 35-year old.  The Workday founders were older 🙂  Slack, see above.

Once you’ve been a manager for a while — you stop trying to hire people like yourself, like your friends.  And you start trying to hire a village.

Then it changes.

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