“My App Stack” is a new series where we dig in with top CMOs, CROs, CTOs and CEOs on just what apps they’re really using to run their business.  I always learn a lot from these — they are in essence a best practices list from each leader.  Last week we had a great one with Sarah Kiefer, CMO at Pitch, check it out here.

This week we have Meagen Eisenberg, CMO at Lacework!

#1.  What’s your core stack of apps today?

Main core technologies: Salesforce, Marketo, Full Circle Insights, LeanData, G2, Outreach, ZoomInfo, Snowflake, ThoughtSpot, Builder.io, Netlify, Mutiny, Navattic, Drift, Smartling, OneTrust, Postal.io, Oktopost, AirTable, Klue, Highspot, BrightEdge, Navan (of course!), Redpanda Data, and a fan of Demostack.

#2.  What’s the number one top new app you’ve added the past year?

ThoughtSpot has been a new addition this year.

#3.  Other than your own, what app would you never let anyone take away from you no matter what: 

Navan is essential for me.

#4.  What’s your top “undiscovered gem” — an app you love but others may not have heard of?

ThoughtSpot – powerful BI solution that’s truly simple to use, is innovating quickly, and is super responsive to feedback.

Meagen Eisenberg is a seasoned executive, board member, and advisor to some of the fastest-growing and most successful companies in enterprise and SaaS technology. In her current role, Meagen leads the marketing and growth teams of Lacework as its Chief Marketing Officer; she serves on the board of G2 and WorkStep and advises a portfolio of companies including Loom (recently acquired by Atlassian), Styra, productboard, Gretel.ai, Klue, Demostack and Redpanda Data.


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