It officially feels like fall to us. The leaves are changing colors, summer clothes are going back in our closets and we’re starting to figure out what sessions we can’t miss coming up at this year’s Annual. With only four months left to go until SaaStr Annual 2020, we’re already looking at an awesome speaker line-up this year. Team SaaStr wants to make sure you know about all the great content that’s on tap so here are just a few to add to your list.

In case you haven’t snagged your ticket yet, CLICK HERE and get one now! We’ll be back at the San Jose Convention Center, March 10-12th, 2020.

The Unicorns & Decacorns 🦄

Though our second day of the event is focused on mythical creatures of all kinds, you’ll find that there are unicorns hiding in our agenda every day this year. Here is a glimpse at just a few of our standout unicorns. From Unicorns to Hexacorns and Decacorns – the whole fleet will be mirrored on our stages this year.4

So, how do you choose amongst the stable of unicorns? Well, we did the heavy lifting and highlighted a few here for you…

Todd McKinnon, Okta Co-Founder and CEO

“I was working for Salesforce in 2009 when I decided to start Okta, an identity management company that connects people with any application on any device. Many people, including my wife, told me I was crazy; the economy was in a downturn, and many skeptics doubted cloud computing had a real future. These circumstances easily suggested it wasn’t the right time to chase my dream of becoming an entrepreneur.” – Okta Co-Founder and CEO Todd McKinnon to CNBC.

Todd’s roots as Head of Engineering for Salesforce, growing a team of 15 to over 250 to his current role as Co-Found and CEO of Okta, a publicly-traded cloud has provider, has been paved with learnings. Hear about how the cloud is shaping innovation today.

Carin Taylor, Workday Chief Diversity Officer

Carin Taylor will be doing a Q&A style session covering the do’s and dont’s of building an inclusive culture. Hear some actionable strategies for building an inclusive culture and the dangers of excluding certain demographics from D&I efforts. Carin comes to Workday by way of Genentech where she helmed the company’s diversity, inclusion and innovation efforts. Prior to this, she held HR, inclusion, diversity, finance and customer success roles within Cisco Systems.

David Schneider, ServiceNow CRO and Dennis Lyandres, Procore CRO

David Schneider

David and Dennis will be leading a CRO confidential session. A chance to talk about all the things that break, fail and explode during hypergrowth from two CROs at different companies experiencing sometimes similar, sometimes different challenges and obstacles. David Schneider is the CRO of ServiceNow and has been with the company for over 8 years. Prior to this, he was VP of WW Sales with EMC (Dell)m Data Domain as well as an EIR with NEA. Dennis Lyandres is CRO of Procore. Before Procore, he held several sales and management roles with Cloudera.

The Accelerators 🚀

Yoli Chisholm, Sprinklr VP of Marketing

Yoli’s session will be on the “Five Ways We Double Our Pipeline Growth in One Year”. Hear how the company doubled its pipeline growth. From real-life examples of inside sales and marketing alignment to social account-based marketing and even eliminating gated content, Yoli has tips and tricks with concrete examples to share. Prior to her time at Sprinklr, Yoli spent over 8 years with Microsoft as a director of online marketing and later digital marketing.

Shauna Geraghty, Talkdesk VP of Global Talent

Shauna Geraghty, Talkdesk

Shauna will be covering the playbook to data-driven hiring. She will be sharing what data supports goals and actions behind offer acceptances, employee retention, costs per hire and more. Prior to her now 7 years and counting with Talkdesk, Shauna spent over 8 years with Standford’s University School of Medicine as a Postdoctoral Researcher and student.

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