The “trick”, such as it is, in SaaS is add-ons.

It’s pretty tough to get a business buyer to buy a product they don’t need.

But … in most enterprise deals, the buyer budgets another 20%-40%+ for add-ons:

  • Professional services. Most BigCos budget another 20% to help deploy and administer the software they buy.
  • Additional products. Most BigCos assume they need to add say 10 more products to a Salesforce deployment to make it do what they want. They often budget at least another 20% of the core Salesforce ACV here.
  • Enhanced functionality, especially in Years 2–10. Even if the budget is maxxed out for Year 1, if you offer customers that love you more functionality, a suite of services, etc. … they’ll tend to buy more from you in the coming years.

So try to tap into that budget, if you want it.

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