So it’s early … SaaStr 2023 events really have just gone on sale.  And attendance and buying patterns have clearly changed since the pandemic.  More people attend events at the last minute now.

But still, it’s one set of tea leaves to read.  And so far for Q4’22:

  • Early SaaStr IRL event attendance is up 226% year-over-year.  And that’s after a record Annual 2022 and Europa 2022.  Ultimately, this number will come down from 226% (that’s too high to sustain over the year), but no matter what, we’ll end up way ahead in 2023 over 2022 attendance for both Annual and Europa, and are on track for 800-1000 at our first ever SaaStrAPAC in Singapore in February.
  • Sponsors and partners are up 142% year-over-year.  Although certainly many are scrutinizing marketing budgets much more than a year ago.

And on a related note:

  • Newsletter and podcast subs are way up — but still cost the same to sponsor for now.  That’s deflation!

We’ll see where 2023 takes us.  It’s still very early to fully predict 2023 attendance at our IRL events.

But no matter what, more founders, more VCs, and more execs will attend our IRL and digital events than ever.

A sign that SaaS is stronger than ever.

And a look back at 2022 Annual metrics here:

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