SaaStr Google Hangout with Aaron Ross (Predictable Revenue) and Lighter Capital


Ok we’re running a fun experiment today.  We’ve done a few AMAs before, including this awesome one on Reddit a while back here.

Today we’ll try our first one live with video, this one on Google Hangouts.  We’ll do it together with Aaron Ross (and we can give you an update on our book together coming up wtih Wiley & Co. early next year) and BJ Lackland from Lighter Capital.

We’ll take any and all scaling questions but tailor it a bit to funding and capital, too, since we’ve done a few posts on that recently which have gotten a strong response.

So it’s today at noon PST / 3pm EST. Tweet your questions now #SaaStrAMA and we’ll answer as many as we can.

If it goes well we’ll do more.

Sign up at the link here.

We’ll also stream it live here:

Published on June 25, 2015

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