Welcome to Episode #46! Aaron Ross is the author of the best selling book, Predictable Revenue, providing the framework for the outbound process & sales team Aaron created for Salesforce.com. During his time at Salesforce as Director of Corporate Development and Acquisitions, he added an extra $100 million in revenue in just a few years. In today’s show we discuss his and Jason Lemkin’s fantastic new book, From Impossible To Inevitable, which outlines how hyper-growth companies create predictable revenue. If you are a founder asking why aren’t we growing faster, how do we go into hyper-growth mode and then how do you sustain growth then this book really is for you.Aaron_Ross

In today’s episode with Aaron you will learn:
How did Aaron enter the world of SaaS and come to be a Senior Director @ Salesforce? What were his biggest takeaways from seeing Salesforce scale into hypergrowth mode?
What does Aaron mean by saying ‘nail a niche’? Does this mean go small? How much of a role does iteration play in this process?
How does Aaron assess product/market fit? How do you really know when you have that focus? Are there any clear signs that suggest you have achieved product market fit?
Aaron has said before “people at the company will always be busy. they just might not be busy on the right things”? How important is sales specialization? At what point does the original generalist sales team fragment into specialized elements?
What are Aaron’s thoughts on ownership and how you ensure that a sense of ownership is instilled upon the team to enhance productivity? I have never heard a Founder on the show before saying ‘my team is just achieving too much!’.

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