Welcome to Episode 50! Kristen Koh Goldstein is the Co-Founder and CEO of  HireAthena, the on demand workforce specializing in accounting, HR and payroll. Prior to HireAthena, Kristen was the Co-Founder of Scalus, where she raised millions of dollars in venture capital from top VCs including Google Ventures and Sherpa Capital. Before that Kristen was the Co-Founder of BackOps, the world’s fastest growing back office solution. If you enjoy the show with Kristen today and would like to join Jason and me at SaaStr Annual 2017 next year, then all you have to do is buy your tickets for SaaStr Annual 2017.Kristin_Koh_Goldstein

In today’s episode Kristin discusses:

Why it is that the faster you hire, the longer it takes to build your business. How to make the transition from a family to a village with your team.

Why is it imperative to hire slowly and fire fast? How to communicate new hires to the existing team to ease onboarding friction.

Why hiring outside of your circle is full of risks. What you can do to mitigate those risks.

What happens when you wake up one day and realize you are the problem in your own business?

What really is scaling with regards to the product? How important is product consistency in the scaling process?

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