Welcome to Episode 134! Promise Phelon is the CEO of TapInfluence, bringing the first ever influencer marketing platform to the Fortune 1000. Under Promise’s leadership the company has enjoyed a 300% increase in revenue in 2015 alone, they made the successful transition from a services to a SaaS model, and were successful in raising a fantastic $14m Series B. Prior to TapInfluence, Promise was the Founder and CEO at 2 startups, one of which, The Phelon Group, grew to 8 figure revenues and was successfully acquired in 2009. Before that, Promise got her start at BEA systems.

In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:

* How Promise made her way into the world of SaaS and came to be at BEA systems, one of the most exciting companies in the valley at the time.

* How does Promise view the importance of building long lasting relationships with colleagues? How does Promise suggest is the right way to leave a job and sustain the best communication and relationship with former employers and colleagues?

* What does Promise mean when she states the importance of upward empathy? What are the benefits of installing this in your organization? What is the right way to breed a culture of upward empathy?

* How does Promise differentiate between ‘advocate’ and ‘mentor’? What is the right way to attain each of these? At what point in one’s career is the right time to have each of these?

* What does Promise believe is the formula for making the successful transition from a services based business to a SaaS business? How can one make the change without significant customer churn and revenue loss?

60 Second SaaStr:

* What does Promise know now that she wishes she had known at the beginning?

* How does motivating people differ when outside of the valley?

* Should customer success be able to upsell?

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