Welcome to Episode 149! Jack Altman is the Founder & CEO of Lattice, the #1 performance management solution for growing companies.They have raised close to $10m in funding from some of our favourites in industry including the likes of Miles Grimshaw @ Thrive, Khosla Ventures, Elad Gil, Alexis Ohanian, and YC’s Daniel Gross. Prior to founding Lattice, Jack was the Head of Business Development at Teespring where he saw the firm move into hyper scaling. Jack has also built an incredible angel portfolio including the likes of Gusto, OpenDoor, Instacart, Zenefits, and Soylent.

In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:

* How Jack made his way from seeing the hypergrowth of Teespring to starting Lattice.

* What does Jack identify as the 2 core challenges to rapid scaling in SaaS? Does Jack agree with Chris Caren in stating you have to hire for 3-4 years ahead of the role? How does Jack see the role and structure of communication change with the scaling of a firm?

* How did the early days of selling look with Lattice? How did Jack incorporate the team into his learnings and development within the world of SaaS? What should founders look for in the first sales hire? How does that profile change with the scaling?

* Why does Jack believe that each and every department should have their own North Star as well as a company North Star? Does Jack concur with Eric Ries’ believe that every department must also have their own budget?

* In terms of metrics, how does Jack prioritize within the metric stack? What is most important for Jack to focus on? How has Jack seen this change with time? Does Jack agree with Shan Sinha @ Highfive that it is “always about payback?”

60 Second SaaStr

* Jack’s favourite SaaS reading material?

* What does Jack know now that he wishes he had known at the beginning?

* How much time does Jack spend talking to customers?

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