Welcome to Episode 151! Jyoti Bansal is the former Founder & CEO of AppDynamics, backed by the likes of Lightspeed, Greylock and Kleiner Perkins, just to name a few, before it’s ultimate acquisition by Cisco for $3.7Bn. Today, Jyoti is the Founder and CEO of BIG Labs, essentially a laboratory for creating, developing, and launching innovative ideas. The first of these ideas being turned into companies being, Harness.io the industry’s first continuous delivery as a service platform, where Jyoti is the Founder & CEO. As a result of his tremendous success, Jyoti has been a recipient of many leadership awards including, “Best Cloud Computing CEO to Work For,” “Best CEO” by San Francisco Business Times.

In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:

* How Jyoti made his way from selling agricultural machinery with his father in India to creating one of the fastest growing enterprise companies with AppDynamics?

* $0-3m ARR: What is the key goal and objective for startups scaling through this phase? How can startups look to accurately determine what their North Star in this stage? To what extent should the founder involve the customer in product roadmap and development?

* $10-15m ARR: What are the core objectives for the business in this stage of the cycle? How should founders view competition through this phase? What does Jyoti mean when he talks about “go-to-market strategy fit?” How can this be determined most accurately?

* $60-80m: What should be front and center of the mind of the entrepreneur at this stage? Why does Jyoti believe it is here that it is crucial to get sales execution right? Where are the breaking points that occur in the team scaling at this phase? How does the role CEO change here?

* Pre-IPO: Why is operational efficiency so crucial in this stage of the business? What did AppDynamics do best at this stage of the business? Where would Jyoti say AppDynamics could have done better in the progression through this stage?

60 Second SaaStr

* What does Jyoti know now that he wishes he had known at the beginning of Appdynamics?

* What is Jyoti’s must read SaaS material?

* Payback period is the most important metric?

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