SaaStr Podcast #414: “How to Leverage the Cloud Giants to Scale to 100 Million ARR and Beyond”


Ep 414: To help revenue and sales leaders navigate and identify ways to leverage cloud marketplaces, join Sapphire Ventures, Snowflake, Sumo Logic, and Crowdstrike to understand: How to successfully sell enterprise software through the major cloud marketplaces, what investments and alignment you need at your company need to be successful transacting on cloud marketplaces, and how to cultivate and enable a successful co-sell relationship with cloud marketplaces.


Colleen Kapase, VP of WW Partner & Alliances, Snowflake
Jessica Alexander, Senior Director Cloud Technology & OEM Partnerships, Crowdstrike
Jabari Norton, VP WW Partner and Alliances, Sumo Logic
Rico Mallozzi, Sr. Director of GTM Ops, Sapphire Ventures

This episode is an excerpt from a session at SaaStr Scale. You can view the full video here.


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Jason Lemkin
Colleen Kapase
Jabari Norton
Rico Mallozzi

Published on December 31, 2020

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