If you aren’t sure you need Salesforce yet, that’s OK. You probably don’t need to be using Salesforce. Yet.

  • Salesforce CRM/SFA in the end is a team management tool. If your team is tiny, it likely is overkill. But you’ll see once you have 20+ reps, it is extremely powerful.
  • Once you hire an experienced VP of Sales, if she’s used Salesforce before (she probably has), you should just switch. Because you should arm your VPs with the tools they know and trust. Even if you yourself would pick/already have picked different products.
  • If you need to understand Salesforce as a product, you should use it. If you are going to build a Salesforce integration, for example, it will go a lot more smoothly if you are actually using Salesforce internally.

But otherwise, if you are an SMB, tools like Pipedrive are likely a much better fit for now. You can start using them instantly, and their UI/UX is much more intuitive. And … simpler.

But just be prepared to probably switch as you scale. As you move past the small company phase.

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