Should Salesforce acquire RingCentral?'


I don’t think so.

While RingCentral is certainly a very interesting company, with $300m+ in revenues … it’s too downmarket.

Salesforce has made a series of material acquisitions that are more SMB-y … ExactTarget for $2.Xb for sure, and even SteelBrick recently is more “downmarket” than say Apttus.  RelateIQ’s customers were smaller tech companies, for the most part.

But very small businesses is, I think, one step too far downmarket for Salesforce.

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Published on January 12, 2016

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  1. Awesome problem to think about. I have been involved in Contact Center infrastructure and lately Sales Acceleration applications.

    There is one scenario where RingCentral acquisition by SFDC might make sense. If SFDC as a strategy wants to get to “all desks” (Horizontal) in a organization and take microsoft Unified communications head-on then I believe Ringcentral makes a good choice. This may not necessarily be a downmarket strategy in that case.

    Ringcentral does not have a strong vertical applications portfolio and if the goal of the strategy is just to go down market then infusionsoft / Zoho would have made better choices (Hypothetically 🙂 )

    My 2 Cents 🙂

    Founder Inside Sales Box

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