It’s not much! But some ideas:

  • Go to the top 2 events / trade shows in your industry. With $10k you can’t afford a booth, but you can afford to hustle and try and meet everyone. You can even try to sponsor a cocktail hour or something similar. Usually, though, any event outside of the top 2 don’t have enough scale, and thus, not enough decision makers. See you at Dreamforce and SaaStr Annual 2018 | The Biggest SaaS Event on the Planet 🙂
  • Hire a content marketer to help you with blog + website + webinars, etc. But keep it authentic. The voice needs to be of the founders in the early days, not an outsourced author. But hiring someone to help accelerate content marketing is a good investment, usually. $10k doesn’t pay her salary but it will pay part of it (a few months).
  • Get some press and PR. Actually spend $0 here because a PR firm will waste your money. Hustle into any press and PR you can get.
  • Integrate onto someone else’s platform. Pick an up-and-coming platform and try to be one of the top partners on it. Build something awesome and get some attention.
  • Get on a jet. Go meet prospects in person. Get a meeting, somehow, someway. You can get there and back for < $1000, no matter where it is.
  • Hire an outsourced SDR firm. This is risky with only $10k. You likely need at least $30k-$50k for this experiment. But hiring a small firm with a good script to set up some appointments with prospects for you can work.

It’s a tight budget, though. Focus on stuff that is close to free.

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