We’re working to make everything Even Better for the 2018 SaaStr Annual.  Even better content, better informal meetings, better networking, better sponsor experiences, better parties, better registration (sorry about the lines last year), better food, better everything.

As part of our goal of Even Better, one unique thing we’ve done this year is take over the entire Hilton in Union Square for the 2018 Annual and we’ll be rebranding it the SaaStr Tower.  Every conference room, every restaurant, every nook and cranny, every guest room, will be All SaaStr All The Time.

As part of that, there will a bunch of fringe benefits if you book your rooms at the Hilton Union Square, er SaaStr Tower:

  • Early access to the Annual itself.  You’ll be able to get in up to an hour early into the Annual if you book your rooms on site.
  • Super easy check in to Annual.  We’ll have on-site registration to check in early to the Annual, so zero lines, wait or stress.  Register the night before when you check in, earlier the first morning, whenever works.  No lines (or close to it).
  • Extra networking.  The expansive main lobby and bar of the Hilton will be one the best networking spots, and you’ll get extra access here.
  • Extra party.  We’re working on the details, but you’ll get invited to the “Out of Towners” party to meet even more folks from the industry.
  • You’re already there.  No need to walk, Lyft, or get anywhere.  Just hit the gym, grab an early bird breakfast, and be there before everything even opens.  All without having to go anywhere.
  • Special schwag*.  Book your stay with a Monday check-in and Friday (or later) check-out, and there will be special SaaStr schwag waiting in your room!

The rooms are fairly cheap for SF ($309 a night) — I know not dirt cheap, but at least fair — so if you are flying in, stay at the SaaStr Tower / Hilton Union Square.

Right now we are 85% sold out.

Get the best rooms with the best discount here.

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