If Sweden is such a great place for startups, why are VCs and tech entrepreneurs not moving en-masse from Silicon Valley to Sweden?



I’ve invested in Automile (Automile.com) which started and is dual-headquartered in Sweden and so I’ve learned a little bit.

I would love to invest in most Swedish companies and the culture and some other benefits favor entrepreneurism.

One simple issue is that Sweden is small:

And the engineering talent pool in SaaS / B2B at least is fairly small. It is bigger in B2C, gaming, etc.

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Published on October 16, 2017

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  1. B2C engineering talent from scalable applications like finance, gaming and music actually does quite well in B2B SaaS as long as there are some core tenants in the team that have done B2B before. And Sweden has a disproportionate amount of talent here (Klarna, King, Spotify,…). A bigger problem is on the commercial side. Recruiters don’t know what an SDR is and there is nobody around who has scaled a customer success team etc. Ask for SaaS account executives that sell at an ACV of $10k and you get resumes from media sales people. Also, because it is a smaller market it may be easier to get started in a given vertical as the local competition is likely to be low. This may give you the wrong expectations. Scaling globally may be a lot harder. If you do, Sweden is a great place to build a software company. But you are going to have to hire young people and train them on the commercial side.

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