It’s possible you’ve seen them hanging out on the sidebar of, but we’ve now got all the sessions of the 2015 SaaStr Annual organized and up on the YouTube:

  • David Sacks (Yammer/Paypal/Zenefits) and Stewart Butterfield (Slack/Flickr) on The Two Types of Freemium
  • Aaron Levie (Box) on The First $250m in ARR
  • Bob Tinker (MobileIron) on Selling to The Mobile Enterprise
  • Leyla Seka (Salesforce, on How to Partner with the Big Guy
  • Parker Conrad and Sam Blond, CEO and VPS of Zenefits:  Hyperscaling from 1-100 Sales Reps in 12 months.
  • Keith Kitani and Shep Maher, CEO and VPS of Guidespark:  Hyperscaling from $2 to $20m in 24 months all using Outbound Sounds.
  • The Second-Timers Live!  Nick Mehta (Gainsight), Kris Duggan (Betterworks), and Mark Organ (Influitive/Eloqua)
  • The 20%ers (Month-over-Month):  Tiago Paiva (Talkdesk), Nicolas Dessaigne (Algolia) and Daniel Chait (
  • Learning to Love Enterprise Sales 🙂 – David Ulevitch, CEO of OpenDNS
  • Jason Green of Emergence Capital and Mamoon Hamid of Social+Capital on why they really funded leading SaaS companies


I know though, if you are like me, sometimes you also just like to read the stuff.  And talk about the stuff.

  • So first, We’re in the process of not only transcribing all the sessions, but also turning each one into a SaaStr post along with the core learnings and insights from the sessions.  So look for those over the coming weeks.
  • And second, we’re going to do live Spreecast interactive webcasts with many of the ’15 (and ’16) speakers where you can ask questions and we can do deeper dives on their topics.  Up first will be a live, interactive session you can join with Mamoon Hamid from Social+Capital and Daniel Chait of on the Why Sh*t Gets Funded Session.  The Slideshare from it already has almost 100,000 views on Slideshare.
  • You can sign up for the Spreecast SaaStr webcasts with the ’15 and ’16 speakers by signing up for the new SaaStr newsletter here or just at the bottom of this post.  We’ll give you dates and times for SaaStr Live from the newsletter primarly.  So sign up!

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 8.32.31 AM
Also, we’re getting ready to launch the first sign-ups for the 2016 SaaStr Annual.  Our goal this time is 5,000 post-revenue SaaS founders, execs and investors.  To make it Ever Better, we’re going to expand to 3 days.  Thursday, February 11 will be the Main Event, like in ’15, with single-track, talk-show discussion with the Best in SaaS.  The Tuesday and Wednesday before will be more interactive days, with deep dives on How to Build a Sales Team, How to Scale Demand Generation, Customer Success, Money … all the core stuff in Scaling SaaS … from a totally practical, hands-on perspective.

So make plans for that entire week of Feb 9-11 in ’16 to be in San Francisco with us at The SaaStr Annual ’16.  Ultra Early Bird tix go up very soon.



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