5 years ago today, it seemed like a lot was going on on at little old SaaStr.  We had no employees or revenues, but after just 16 months of blogging and answering questions on Quora, we crossed 2,000,000 views (!) and had just finished up our first meet-up (it had no content, just conversation):

That seemed pretty epic.

Fast forward 5 years to today, we are 20x+ bigger at 45,000,000 views.  And we have 12,000+ founders, VCs and execs coming from all across the world to the 5th SaaStrAnnual.com.  Which we spend 14+ months preparing for, with a full-time team.

There are even 51 unicorn CEOs presenting at Annual this year! Wow.  The term hadn’t even been coined (nor were there more than a couple of true next-generation SaaS unicorns yet) when we started writing.

Not much changes in 5 months. But a lot changes in 5 years.

While the core subject matter and mission remain the same at SaaStr, the bar has gone up dramatically.  Entrepreneurs expect more.  We’ve added the #1 podcast in the industry, the #1 global event, likely the #1 largest event in Europe (SaaStr Europa 2019), were named the #1 voice on LinkedIn, and we’ve worked on other new initiatives from the CoSelling Space to SaaStr Pro.
Not everything has gone according to plan.  But we promise in 2019, we will do everything we can to keep providing value, and new ways to learn, to the SaaStr community.

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