In the past year, we’ve added 300,000+ followers to our Cloud Daily from SaaStr! news and story feed on Quora.

And from that, we get data, at least some.  We get to know what stories are the most popular in Cloud, at least.

Here are the stories you read and upvoted the most in 2019:

1. Google’s Hope and Dreams in India.  105,000 views and 399 upvotes on where the Cloud is going for Google in India.

2.  Here’s How Big Tech Companies Like Google and Facebook Set Salaries for Engineers.  OK, everyone likes to read about salaries.

3.  The Most Valuable Company (for Now) is Having a Nadellaissance.  Ok you folks sure like to read about the big tech companies.

4.  Microsoft’s Flight Simulator Reveal This Month Shocked Fans Who Hadn’t Seen an Update in 13 Years.  The Cloud is reviving so many brands and products that had stalled out.

5.  7 Times We Couldn’t Believe Anyone Gave WeWork’s Adam Neumann Billions.  Yes, this was the crazy story of the year.  Travis Kalanick selling all his shares in Uber the moment he could is a quiet close second, however.

6.  Meet the Zoho Mafia:  These 5 Startups Launched by Former Zoho Employees Going Global.  I don’t really like the term “mafia’, but the alums of Zoho have done impressively well.

7.  Barefoot Billionaire:  Sridhar Vembu Built a Tech Giant You’ve Never Head Of.  Zoho again!

8.  The Real Reason Jony Ive Left Apple.  Not sure this Wired piece really answered the question its title asks, but a good review of Ive’s contributions.

9.  These are the Eccentric Eating, Sleeping, Wellness, and Workout Regimes of Top Tech Billionaires.  They are different from you and me.

10.  How an Eloquent Congressman Stunned Mark Zuckerberg Speechless During Libra Hearing.  Libra’s fall from grace was fast and hard in 2019.

11.  Silicon Valley’s Latest Unicorn is Run By a 22-Year-Old.  Yes, this should make you feel old.

12.  The CEO of NPM, a StartUp That Provides a Crucial Service to 11 Million Developers, Resigned.  A crazy story re: a product so many of us use.

One meta-learning:  even our #1 post on Cloud Daily! only received 1% of our total views (105k/10m).  So breadth matters in news feeds, apparently.  Or maybe the lesson is to build a big news feed, you need breadth, frequency, AND a bunch of ringers stories.

And catch our 20 most popular answers of 2019 here:

The 20 Most Popular SaaStr Answers of 2019

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