Most importantly — understood what the job actually is.

“Associate” can mean many different things

For example:

In a large ($X billions) VC firm, it can mean sourcing.  I.e., cold-calling.  Or if it’s a more senior role than that — managing cold-calling analysts.   Or more often, very carefully analyzing anything sourced.  This can be a pretty High IQ / quant position.

In a smaller firm, it can mean doing all the post-sourcing work.  Due diligence calls.  Follow-up.  Deal tracking and management.  Smaller firms usually have personal deal sourcing, and don’t really do out-bound.   Here a High IQ is important, but it’s a smidge less quant, and a bit higher on the people skills quotient.  The GP will want an associate founders like, or at least, will work with.

My real point is the variety here is much, much broader than you might think.  Make sure you know what the job spec really is.  And that you are actually a good fit …

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