The end of 2018 finds us with 200+ episodes and almost 2,000,000 downloads of the SaaStr podcast!

In case you missed it, our episode with Claire Hughes Johnson had the most downloads during the first seven days after release. If you haven’t listened yet, be sure to check it out.

We had so many great episodes in 2018 that we wanted to share our Top 10 most downloaded all year. You don’t want to be the one who misses out on this amazing information!

#10 SaaStr 168: Why 70% of Startup’s VPs of Sales Fail, How and When To Hire Your First VP of Sales & The One Question That You Must Always Ask VP of Sales Candidates with Ryan Williams, Founder @ SalesCollider B2B SaaS Blog - SaaStr Podcast #168: Ryan Williams

#9 SaaStr 161: Brad Feld on Structuring Your SaaS Startup For Scalability, How The Role Of CEO Should Adjust To The Growth Of The Organization & What Makes The Most Effective Board Members

B2B SaaS Blog - SaaStr Podcast #161: Brad Feld

#8 SaaStr 159: Why CAC/LTV Is Not The Guiding Metric In SaaS, How To Build An Inside Sales Team From Scratch & Why SMB Up Is The Right Way with Fred Shilmover, Founder & CEO @ InsightSquared

B2B SaaS Blog - SaaStr Podcast #159: Fred Shilmover

#7 SaaStr 176: What SaaS Startups Need To Raise A Series A Today, Why We Need A New Framework To Think About SaaS Multiples and How “The Rule of 40” Changes with Scale with Kristina Shen, Partner @ Bessemer Venture PartnersB2B SaaS Blog - SaaStr Podcast #176: Kristina Shen

#6 SaaStr 167: The Biggest Challenges In Scaling From $1-10m in ARR, How To Navigate Enterprise Sales Negotiations Successfully & Why You Must Reiterate Value At Every Touchpoint with PJ Bouten, Founder & CEO @ ShowpadB2B SaaS Blog - SaaStr Podcast #167: PJ Bouten

#5 SaaStr 183: Intercom CEO, Eoghan McCabe on The Right Way To Structure Your Org Chart, The Secret To Scaling From SME To Enterprise Successfully & How To Create A Culture of Experimentation Without Fear

#4 SaaStr 158: 3 Core Skills of The Best Performing SaaS CEOs & The Inflection Points In The Scaling of SaaS Teams & How To Mitigate Them with Mike McDerment, Founder & CEO @ Freshbooks

B2B SaaS Blog - SaaStr Podcast #158: Mike McDerment

#3 SaaStr 164: The Right Way To Sell To Enterprise Buyers, Why Sales Ops Will Be A C-Suite Role in the Next 10 Years and Whether Or Not To Engage With Pilots and Discounting with Mark Godley, President @ LeadGeniusB2B SaaS Blog - SaaStr Podcast #164: Mark Godley

#2 SaaStr 163: Scaling Zapier to $35m in ARR with Just $1.3m in Funding &Why Most Founders Should Ignore Fundraising & How To Harness The Power of Completely Remote Teams with Wade Foster, Founder & CEO @ ZapierB2B SaaS Blog - SaaStr Podcast #163: Wade Foster

The #1 most downloaded SaaStr episode for 2018 is…

SaaStr 171: How To Figure Out Your Pricing Strategy: The Diminishing Role of The Per Seat Model, Why Open Source Is The Only Way To Get In Front of Today’s Developers & Why Capital Efficiency Is Always Key with Chetan Puttagunta, General Partner @ NEA

B2B SaaS Blog - SaaStr Podcast #171: Chetan Puttagunta

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