So what were the Top 10 most popular SaaStr videos of the week?

Let’s take a look at what you might have missed!

#1. “A Decade of Learnings from Y Combinator from CEO Michael Seibel”.  Perhaps not a surprise to be at #1 with YC Demo Day this week!

#2. “3 Reasons You Need Support Ops to Scale and How to Really Build It with Stripe and Assembled”.  Assembled brought this session together for SaaStr Build 2021 with the Head of Support Ops at Stripe.  What’s Support Ops, you ask?  Find out here!

#3. “The 5 Metrics You Should Track to Maximize Your Company’s Valuation with Tomasz Tunguz”.  A crowd favorite from SaaStr Build 2021.

#4. “The State of the Cloud: 2021 with Bessemer Venture Partners”.  Missed the 5th annual edition of State of the Cloud?  Catch up here!!

#5. “The Future of Sales Post-Covid with Brex’s CRO, Sam Blond”.  What will sales look like after Covid?  Take a look at our deep dive here!

#6. “Five Bad Data Habits that Lead to Costly Decisions with Sisu Data”.

#7. “A Step by Step Guide to Build a Marketing Strategy to Take You to the First $100M with Snowflake”.  An A+ guide to how Snowflake really does marketing.

#8. “How Leveraging Partnerships Can 2x Your Growth with Gorgias”.  A lot of us know direct sales, but what about having your partners sell for you?  Catch Gorgias’ secret sauce here across almost 6,000 customers.

#9. “Building to $100M with Duo Security: You Need Marketing and Customer Success, Now”.  A really great session from Duo on a topic we don’t discuss enough — how marketing and customer success should work together.

#10. “Our Top 5 Mistakes in Scaling with”.  The co-CEOs of rocketship Monday share what they’ve learned, and their top mistakes getting to nine figures in ARR.


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